Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why this Blog?

Why this Blog?

 I have been receiving a flurry of messages regarding physical and mental health, various deceases, abnormalities, their causes, remedies, precautionary measures, what to do and what not to do etc. etc. My in-box is choking with these mails and I don't know what to do with them, other than forwarding them to others and flooding their in-boxes. I have no way to verify the claims or deny them altogether. So I thought of opening this blog and storing them at one place. Some of them could be really useful, while some would be very funny and amusing. Some are absolutely hilarious!


Why this name?

I have been hearing about Cholesterol for last 15-20 years and have given away a few litres of  my blood for testing Lipid Profile many times, spent thousands of Rupees on these tests and swallowed thousands of tablets, as a matter of some kind of insurance, when I did not have any symptoms of any kind. Still I have not even understood meaning of this word and it has remained a mystery. It is further confounded by writings of people who claim to know about it. Earlier they said all Cholesterol is bad, then somebody said some are good, then some others are very bad and some others are absolutely essential in some or other respects, Great!!! But I was impressed by the word and the affection and attraction many people show about it. Not a day passes without hearing or reading this word in some context or the other.

Chocolates were always considered bad. In childhood they spoil your teeth, in middle age they cause a bulge in your middle adding to your pot belly and in advanced age they cause or worsen Diabetes. Still everybody loves to eat them and cannot resist temptation of this villain.
Hence, when I started this blog I thought of these two things. Since this blog is not meant to give authentic medical information and I propose to add a little bit of humour, the words are mis-spelt.

Disclaimer : All the postings in this blog are only my collection. MY ALL EFFORT IS COPY PASTE ONLY. Most of them are received in my email inbox. Some are downloaded from internet posted by some one else. I am just saving some time of my readers by making them readily available. So none of these are my own creation. I believe I am not violating any copy rights law or doing any illegal action am not supposed to do.If anything is objectionable, please notify so that they can be removed.

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