Thursday, 22 August 2013

Benefits of Sunlight

I have been told in my childhood days that Sunlight has innumerable beneficial effects on our body and one should always bathe in Sunshine for some time everyday. It was told that even clothes dried in the Sunlight make them 'germ-free'. Heating all the foodgrains by spreading them in Sunlight before storing them is a common practice in rural areas.  
Some of the benefits of the Sunlight reinvented in some so called 'research' are given below.



A research has revealed that the regular exposure to sunlight aids body to build up resistance to ultraviolet rays and also protects body from detrimental effects of UV rays in future. As per some studies, sufficient sunlight acts as an ideal exercise for heart as it keeps heart healthy by strengthening cardiovascular system. You need sunlight according to your skin pigmentation. For instance if your skin is darker then you require comparatively more sun exposure than lighter or fairer skin. Your feelings will be changed from dislike to likeness of sunlight after reviewing following merits.

Health Benefits of Sun Rays:

1. Provide Vitamin D

This is one of the major advantages of Sun rays. Accumulations of cholesterol-like substance, ergosterol which is present beneath the skin transfers into Vitamin D hormone when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D lowers the amount of cholesterol in blood and helps in heart problems. It also protects from many types of cancers. Sunlight stimulates body to produce vitamin D which gives strength to bones by increasing absorption of calcium in intestine as well as conveying it across cell membranes. Studies suggest keeping face, hands and legs in contact with sunlight at least for 10 minutes every day to gain adequate Vitamin D.

2. Strengthens immune system

Staying in sunshine enhances the generation of White Blood Cells (WBC) which kill germs like bacteria and viruses. WBC also supports to fight against other toxic compounds in body and boost our immunity. Sunshine increases oxygen carrying capacity of Red Blood Cells. So, it prevents the body from various infections as well as diseases. As per study of University of California-San Diego School of Medicine, sunlight increases immunity as it helps to cure wounds. The fact is that wounds lead the immune system within skin cells to raise synthesis of vitamin D3. The genes managed by vitamin D3 allow further production of antimicrobial peptide, cathelicidin which aids immunity to compete with infections.

3. Gives resistance power to Skin

While too much exposure of sunshine can lead to skin cancer, moderate amount of sunlight offers many merits to skin. It heals several skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne, eczema as well as skin infections. Sun rays may also prevent skin cancer. As the results of study that published in Journal of National Cancer Institute, exposure to sunshine actually lessens the risk of skin cancer have confused scientists. Vitamin D from sunlight indeed controls the growth of cancer cells by impairing their proliferation.

4. Improves your mood

Sunlight controls mood alteration through promoting synthesis of Serotonin, one of the neurotransmitters in brain that affect mood. High level of serotonin helps the brain in focusing and to keep positive prospective. Sunlight promotes the release of tryptamines from pineal gland that improves mood. Moreover, sun rays serves naturally as anti-depressant by releasing endorphin. Moderate exposure of sunlight refreshes you and provides the sense of well being.

5. Provides better functioning of cardiovascular system

Sunlight is beneficial for hypertensive patients as it regulates blood circulation through dilating arteries. So that blood cells get more nutrition and oxygen. Exercising in sunshine fortifies heart and let it to rest more as heart pumps more blood into vessels. Exposure to sun rays alone can reduce the risk of blood pressure by 8% and 15% when associates with physical exercise. It also prevents heart attacks by lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol in the body.

6. Helpful in Diabetes

It has been found in a new study that enough introduction to sunshine and adequate amount of vitamin D play vital role in the prevention of type 2 diabetes in people. According to some researchers, sunlight also controls blood sugar level. Vitamin D from sun rays regulates pancreatic beta cells which secret insulin and ultimately helps in maintaining blood sugar level.

7. Cancer Prevention

Earlier, doctors recommended that prolonged sunlight exposure causes cancer but today a new study has claimed that insufficient sunshine can be blamed for cancer. Vitamin D from sunbathe decreases the risk of some cancers such as breast, lymphoma, colon, ovary and prostate cancer. Moreover, 70% of Americans have been recognized with vitamin D deficiency. It has been proposed in current evidence that if all Americans receive adequate amount of sunshine then the figure of cancers diagnosed per year would decline by 200,000 and number of deaths due to cancer may go down by around 63,000 per annum.

8. Modifies sleep patterns

Studies have revealed that the sunlight aids to set bodys biological clock in brain and maintain it on track. So, it tells us when to sleep and wake up. Saint Louis University School of Medicine is discovering the link between natural sunshine and sleep patterns. Dr. Gammack, principal investigator for this study told that former research demonstrated the relation between morning as well as afternoon sunlight therapy and better sleeping.

9. Eliminates toxic substances

Sunlight exposure enhances the functioning of liver which filters and removes wastes from body. It also helps to wipe out toxic chemicals like mercury, benzene, cobalt, lead, manganese, cadmium and pesticides which we swallow from impure water or polluted air. Additionally, body can eliminate waste substances more efficiently due to increased blood circulation. UV rays of sun boost the generation of enzymes in body that eradicate toxic compounds through metabolizing them.

10. Increases metabolism

Sun rays encourage thyroid gland which in turn speed up the bodys basal metabolism rate and utilizes large extent of calories. It helps to lose weight and strengthens muscles. At least 15 minutes sunbathe regularly can keep you healthy.

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